Journey Beyond Infinity



Jorden, a fellow coworker of Marcel Lynch, hastened to get the publication of Matt Lloyd’s “CONTRADICTIONS OF HIGGS FIELD” as commanded by Marcel Lynch. “You’re freaking out me!” he said as he approached him. “Are you enamoured with the person to whom you exacted your vengeance?”

“Yes, I have a habit of bringing up vengeance to my contenders, but Matt isn’t one of them,” Lynch says.

“Be specific in your claims, Lynch! I’m already worn out.”
“It’s sorry to say, but it’s better not to put things off.” Lynch went on to get some paperwork to show him the results. “Jorden, my plants on the International Space Station are losing their viability and will soon wither; I discussed this with the astronauts on board, and they were able to determine the problem.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” What universe are you looking for viable seeds in?” Jorden made a snide remark about him.

“The news from ISS claimed that they discovered new quantum particles that have an unusual interaction with matter, thus it’s not about the biological origin.” Lynch continued,

“What kind of behavior?, I’m not very strong at physics but I’ll try to figure it out.”
“Do you know the beauty of Higgs field the so called ‘GOD PARTICLE’? , any particle which interacts with it gain mass. Usually The photons doesn’t interact with them and gain no mass at all ,which makes them to travel as fast as it could, thus maintaining our space-time stability. Now the problem is arising here, the photons from the stars, sun are slowing down their acceleration, they are gaining mass Jorden!!!” As Lynch staggered to explain him.

“So? Is our universe’s stability being jeopardised? Are we nearing the end of our journey? …Wait, did you send Matt out there for this mission?” as Jorden stated in a puzzled tone.
“Yes! And you need to do me some things”, Marcel added.


As the couples made up their mind about the mission ,Matt received a voice message from Jordan, so he called him. He heard “hey it’s Jordan, Marcel’s co-worker, I’ve been requested to debrief you about the mission”, Jordan stated, then Matt said “yeah go ahead”. Then Jordan started to explain him, it goes like this “Matt you’re going to Nova Scotia, it’s a Island territory of Canada on its Atlantic Coast” Matt asked “why Nova Scotia? I thought I was going to teach cosmology or astrophysics at a university and continue my research ”. “ No you are not! ” Jordan continued, “He’s the deal and don’t interrupt me. You are going to continue your research on ‘Entropy of the Universe’ in a high-tech secret laboratory in Cape North, Nova Scotia. Matt inquired, “what do you mean secret? Does that lab operates under any government? “Yeah, it’s a cooperative entity between the DOE, US government and the Canadian government” , Jordan responded . Only a dozen of people know what they’re doing in the lab. It’s merely an astronomical observatory to the rest of the world. I’m saying it again “ it’s highly confidential and you should keep your mouth shut.” “ok?! I still haven’t got the foggiest idea!” Matt exclaimed ,perplexed and he further asked “And what about my wife?” Jordan said “I know you won’t. Don’t worry about that we’ve arranged a district attorney, he’ll find her a position in Sacramento superior court. You will be allowed to speak with her and meet her occasionally but she or anybody you know must be unaware of this . We’ve taken care of your transportation all the way to Cape North. You’ll be flying American Airlines flight to Toronto. Arrive at San Francisco international airport before 5 p.m. and before that you’ll meet James Carter. He’ll come and pick you up. He’ll tell you all you’ll need to know.” Said Jordan. “Alright don’t screw up Matt! After you’ve arrived at the facility, I’ll call you ” he hung up the phone as he stated . Matt heard a door bell at 4 p.m. and knew it was Carter. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a tall white man dressed in a black suit . “are you Matt Lloyd?”, he inquired. “Yeah it’s Matt and you?” Matt replied. “My name is James Charter” the man said. “I Hope you’re ready and let’s get started”. On the drive to the airport and over coffee at the airport food court, Carter recounted everything to him. Then he presented him with a briefcase. “This case has everything, including the documents to get into Cape North astronomical observatory,” Carter said, adding, “don’t worry, I’ll be with you to make sure you get there safe,” so they flew from San Francisco to Toronto and then to Sydney, a town on Cape Breton Island to the south of Cape North. Nova Scotia appeared to Matt to be a beautiful land with a cold climate similar to New England. The ride to Cape North was arranged by the company. After 18 hours of travel, they arrived at the spot, and Matt was fatigued. When they got to the observatory, it was pitch black Cape North is a headland at the north eastern shore of Cape Breton Island. About a mile north of Cape North stood the observatory. There isn’t even a hint of a laboratory. Near the lighthouse is a tall observatory, and around 15 miles south is a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant was built to provide electricity to the entire island, but its primary purpose was to power the laboratory. “My duty here is done,” Carter stated as he handed over his luggage. Go to the security gate and give them your ID and biometrics, then hand over the white file in the briefcase I gave you that says “classified” on the top, and they’ll take you inside. He then walked away. When Matt turned to look around, he noticed armoured trucks positioned at the gate. He came upon a sign that stated, “National astronomical observatory” and “North Atlantic NSF division 18,” which is a military facility. It appeared to be Area 51 of Canada When he entered, a security guard sent him to an elevator that descends 200 feet under the ground. This is where the real action takes place. Matt saw a cutting-edge astrophysics laboratory with IR spectroscopy, a COSmIC lab, Ices and Ice irradiation facilities, all of which are staffed by dozens of the world’s brightest physicists and astrochemists, but these are all expected. As they boarded the monorail, he was taken aback to see the massive particle accelerator built beneath a mountain. It dwarfs Tevatron in size. He couldn’t wait to get into the lab and look around. They led him to his chambers shortly after the gorgeous tour. He said, “It’s nice.” “Enjoy your time here,” the security remarked as he placed a message on the table and requested him to read it before leaving. His phone blew up just as he was going to read it. It’s Jordan.



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