Step Into Metaverse

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2 min readJul 28, 2022

What strikes your mind when you hear about Metaverse🤔? A virtual world? To begin with, it dates back to the early 90s when the word had been penned in Stephenson’s novel, where he described humans as programmable avatars interacting with each other through in 3D augmented world. Now, it doesn’t seem unusual at all.

Major tech companies are spending millions on machine learning and AI to advance our already-existing virtual world to the next level. Many people would think that the virtual world only includes VR, games like Roblox or Minecraft, or AR, but it goes beyond that. The term “metaverse,” which was originally used to describe a comic, is now used to describe the coming digital age. We are really interested in creating and digitalizing things in the 21st century, such as the economy, and replacing the arts and music with digitalized NFT assets. The evolving things in the blockchain and decentralized web versions have put the pavement for metaverse, many people would fight for this statement, metaverse and decentralized web (web3.0) are two extremities of the same spectrum, but when the two have been unified, it would bring us some remarkable dimensions.

To bring us under the futuristic virtual medium, let’s talk about optimization, one would specifically point towards ‘Quantum Computing’ over the years many evolving things happened in this tech which promises a better optimization than the classical, and ‘machine learning’ which would be the greatest tool for applications and simulations, so might now Metaverse looks like a complicated and nearly an absurd thing as to how the things have to get perfectly synced, yet it is not impossible, millions of dollars are being poured by tech giants to generate a sustainable platform.

On the positive side, we may argue that the wars between the tech giants in this metaverse have accelerated their rate of evolution. Google Starline made a big impact earlier in 2021 by developing a technology project that, in their words, “combines advancements in hardware and software to enable friends, families, and coworkers to feel together, even when they’re countries apart.” And yes, this Starline project never ceases to amuse us. At the Build 2022 conference, Microsoft Corporation revealed the creation of Metaverse, a product design that might serve as a link between virtual and real spaces. Both Google and Microsoft may benefit greatly from this as they may be able to establish a virtual workplace environment.


Still, there are many things that can be discussed, which I would post later. Till then bye from my end.